Friday, May 25, 2012

One Week Left

As I write this post, we are approaching the time we will board our plane and leave for home in one week. One week left here in Kenya and only three days left here in the community and Chogoria.

The next few days will be filled with teary goodbyes, friendly hugs and many thanks.

In fact, we have a few thank you's to say tonight.
First, to the F.I.S.H Foundation. There is no way we could have ever made it to Kenya with out the support of this amazing group. They gave each student a scholarship to help pay for the cost of the trip, which decreased the amount we had to raise on our own.

Next, to the community and family members who supported us on this journey. Your financial contributions, donataions of school supplies, well wishes and thoughts all helped us get this far.

Everyone of us at this point feels a little torn. On one hand, we can't wait to go on safari and then head home to our families and comfort food. On the other hand, each of us has expressed that spending many more weeks in Chogoria would be a fantastic and enjoyable experience.

This community has welcomed us and climbed into our hearts, where they will never leave.

One week left! Where do the days go.

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  1. Hey Beth: Steve and I are reading through your posts and enjoying all you have to say. enjoy your safari...we look forward to seeing you and everyone else very soon. safe travels!